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Deluxe Notecards

Deluxe Notecards
Deluxe Notecards

Your mailbox can be a "window to the world" - when you fill it with correspondence using images from the Scanlan deluxe notecard collection!

The notecards, which feature some of our best-loved images, are sized quite generously to give you ample room to pen your thoughts. Each card, blank on the inside, measures 6 1/2" x 5 1/8" when folded. Cards and matching envelopes are packaged in sets of 15, with three cards each of five images.

On the back of each custom-embossed notecard, you'll find journal entries derived from the experiences surrounding or the thinking behind each shot as it was taken. Many entries have taken on a storytelling aspect; others describe what drew us to the scene. We hope you - and your correspondents - enjoy getting a peek behind the "scenes" of our images!

Pricing Information:

$14.95 each

Shipping Information:

1 to 3 boxes: $5.00
4 to 5 boxes: $8.00
6 or more boxes: $12.00

England 2007 France 2007 Ireland 2007 Islands 2007 Italy 2007 Utah 2007
England 2006 Notecard France Notecard Ireland 2006 Notecard Islands 2006 Notecard Italy 2006 Notecard Utah 2006 Notecard
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