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Canvas Giclee

The support on which a work of art is created can greatly affect the overall impact of the image, chiefly by virtue of the support's innate texture. Nowhere is this more evident than when a photograph is transferred to canvas. An image, once smooth, unexpectedly takes on a new dimension in interplay with the texture of its support. The canvas becomes part of the "fabric" of the image itself.

Scanlan images are exceptionally well-suited to this technique, as the method even further enhances the fine-art qualities of the photographs. The presentation creates a uniquely artistic appearance with the warmth and softness of a fine painting.

A Scanlan Canvas Giclée (pronounced: ZHEE-clay) print is produced by using archival inks that are sprayed onto a high quality, archival canvas. 

Canvas Giclee does not require glass and greatly simplifies the challenges of lighting your image.
  The archival properties of Canvas Giclée assures image permanence for 100 years or more under ideal lighting conditions making it a treasured family heirloom for generations.

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